Kamis, 29 November 2012

Summoning The Smoke Dragon

Hi guys, been a while from last blog :D
Here's my entry for the "How I Took It 2012 Contest" of DIY Photography.
< The Smoke Dragon. ISO 200, 1/100s, F/10 >
[ Gear List ]
Nikon D7000
Tamron 28-75mm F/2.8
Flash SB900 with Velcro and 3 color gels
Tripod, flash stand, and wireless trigger
Other equipment : black cardboard, clips, black clothes, etc.

[Preparation ] 
1. Put 3 color gels on flash, secure it with velcro and/or double tape.
2. Mount it on flashstand in a way so that the color gels are stacked vertically, and then use some black cardboard as blackflag to prevent light spill.
3. Place the smoke source on table and use something to hold it upward. I’m using a simple setup with cigarette and clothesline clip.

note : the diagram is viewed from top

[ Taking The Shot ]
1. Use the lowest ISO possible, speed 1/100 (to prevent sync-speed problem), and narrow Aperture (F/10)
2. Place something (for example : pencil) to set the focus point manually, and take a sample shot.
3. Adjust the flash power. Avoid using flash power more than 1/16, in order to get a perfect freezing effect.
4. Burn the smoke source, and start taking picture. Use a toothpick to disturb the smoke and create curls.

I’m using Lightroom to crop/rotate, boost contrast and saturation, and erase dust spots.

Untuk anda yang di Indonesia, trik ini ada di buku yang saya susun terbitan Elex Media dengan judul "50 Ide dan Resep Foto".
Silahkan dicari di toko buku terdekat :)

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